How to Replace Square & Rectangle Domes that have Dome Fixings

Some Skylight manufacturers of square and rectangle Skylights attach the Skylight Dome to the Skylight Flashing by fixing screws or Rivets through the side of the Skylight Dome into the Skylight Flashing. This can in some cases lead to increased chances of the dome cracking as the metal flashing expands and contracts with temperature changes causing the polymer dome to crack with the pressure. This article demonstrates how this type of existing Skylight Dome can be replaced with a TFD that has Skylight Trims to allow for metal expansion. We also have instructions on How to replace a skylight dome.

1. Confirm the Skylight has side fixings. Example of fixing is circled.
2. Remove the existing fixings. Use a battery drill to remove the existing fixing.
3. Dome is removed. Once all the fixings have been removed, remove the dome from the Skylight flashing so that it can be measured.
4. Measure the external dimension of the Skylight. Measure the external Skylight Frame/Flashing where the Dome was fixed to. Add to this measurement (5mm or so, needs to be decided by the installer as it will change from Skylight to Skylight) to allow the new TFD to fit over the existing Skylight Frame/Flashing.

5. Additional metal may be needed to seal the Skylight. Depending on the type of existing Skylight additional metal work may need to be added to seal the Skylight.

6. Place the TFD over the existing Skylight. Fit the new TFD over the existing Skylight Frame/Flashing. The arrow shows the size of the TFD, this needs to be bigger than the existing Skylight Frame/Flashing so that it is big enough to fit over the top.

7. Fix through the TFD to the existing Skylight. Fix through the side of the TFD into the existing Skylight Frame/Flashing to secure it.

8. Install complete. By installing using this method it will not interfere with any of the existing waterproofing or internal Skylight shaft.

Most of us are familiar with the different types of skylights and the benefits it can bring to our house or establishment. However each skylight manufacturer has its own advantages, some are better, some are cheaper than others. It depends on owners perspective to choose a type of skylights that fits on its home. Traditional skylights commonly known as sky domes are made from polycarbonate dome cover and represent a cost effective daylight solution both for home and commercial use.

traditional sky dome
How to Replace Square & Rectangle Domes that have Dome Fixings