Home Owners

Home Owners

Looking for a right skylight for your home can be very daunting task. Additionally, most manufacturers now offer a diverse range of stock to suit most home applications and some even offer an assortment of add-ons like high-performance glazing and automated operability.

Aside from their given benefits, skylights have also been used in variety of effectiveness over the years mainly to lessen heating, cooling and electricity cost within home. Skylights greatly contributes to bring natural light and lessen artificial lighting.

Our large range of skylight options, we provide a lot of options custom size, colour, ventilation, flashing and orientation. We make choosing skylight for your home easier with our extensive product selection and customizable options.

Skyspan’s products are available to the General public for purchase through our website as a website guest. If you are unsure of the product you need, we suggest you contact your builder/roofer/Skylight Installer as each application is unique and needs a competent person to assess.

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