Skylight Domelinks Skylight Domelinks Skylight Domelinks


Skyspan modular link roof lighting system provides natural lighting by a simple and most economical method to large areas. Commercial and industrial buildings benefit with abundant non-glare lighting whenever required. The Skyspan Domelink system provides an aesthetic finish to any commercial roof, and provides natural light and ventilation away from the external walls.

The Skyspan Domelink modules are manufactured from Hi impact acrylic. Mould formed modules are in one piece, domed configuration providing strength and rigidity to effectively withstand wind loading and thermal effects. Manufactured to withstand hail, normal industrial and chemical atmospheres.


  • 99% UV resistant.
  • Low profile gives an attractive appearance.
  • Close fitting weather proof design.
  • Maximum light glare reduction.
  • Minimal roof flashing required.
  • No limit to effective length.
  • Continuous, unbroken line of light.
  • Cleaned by the elements.
  • Damage resistance.
  • Excellent Durability.

Standard Sizes

Model NoRoof typeModule Length
SDL400 Kliplok,
SDL500 Stramit Speedek 1350mm
SDL800 Trimdek 1350mm
SDL800 As per SDL400
Covering 2
sheets opening
SDL1000 Stramit Speedek 1500mm


Roof lights shall be Skyspan Domelink Model No _______________ to suit installation in roof deck type in continuous runs of length including upper and lower stop end flashings. Manufactured from high impact resistant acrylic. Fixings shall be Skyspan Proprietary Clamp System.

Maintenance and Repair

Domelink modules should be inspected periodically and any build up of leaves and rubbish be removed from around the modules at intervals depending on the severity of the problem.

The Skyspan Domelink modules are normally cleaned by the elements. Should they need cleaning, wipe over with soap and water. Avoid using solvents and thinners. Dust and wipe over to ensure that any build up or caked dust is removed which could prematurely cause corrosion.