TGF Trafficable Glass Floor Skylight

Skyspan TGF Trafficable Glass Floor Skylight is an engineered Trafficable Glass Floor system designed to withstand regular foot traffic while providing natural light to room below.

Technical Information

Technical Drawings

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Basic Common Sizes


400 X 400mm TGF4040HB-SG TGF4040HB-DG
500 X 500mm TGF5050HB-SG TGF5050HB-DG
600 X 600mm TGF6060HB-SG TGF6060HB-DG
700 X 700mm TGF7070HB-SG TGF7070HB-DG
800 X 800mm TGF8080HB-SG TGF8080HB-DG
900 X 900mm TGF9090HB-SG TGF9090HB-DG
1000 X 1000mm TGF100100HB-SG TGF100100HB-DG
1100 X 1100mm TGF110110HB-SG TGF110110HB-DG
1200 X 1200mm TGF120120HB-SG TGF120120HB-DG
1500 X 1500mm TGF150150HB-SG TGF150150HB-DG
2000 X 2000mm TGF200200HB-SG TGF200200HB-DG
2500 X 2500mm TGF250250HB-SG TGF250250HB-DG



400 X 500mm TGF4050HB-SG TGF4050HB-DG
400 X 600mm TGF4060HB-SG TGF4060HB-DG
400 X 700mm TGF4070HB-SG TGF4070HB-DG
400 X 800mm TGF4080HB-SG TGF4080HB-DG
400 X 900mm TGF4090HB-SG TGF4090HB-DG
400 X 1000mm TGF40100HB-SG TGF40100HB-DG
400 X 1100mm TGF40110HB-SG TGF40110HB-DG
400 X 1200mm TGF40120HB-SG TGF40120HB-DG
400 X 1500mm TGF40150HB-SG TGF40150HB-DG
400 X 2000mm TGF40200HB-SG TGF40200HB-DG
400 X 2500mm TGF40250HB-SG TGF40250HB-DG
400 X 3000mm TGF40300HB-SG TGF40300HB-DG
400 X 3500mm TGF40350HB-SG TGF40350HB-DG
400 X 4000mm TGF40400HB-SG TGF40400HB-DG
400 X 4500mm TGF40450HB-SG TGF40450HB-DG
400 X 5000mm TGF40500HB-SG TGF40500HB-DG
500 X 600mm TGF5060HB-SG TGF5060HB-DG
500 X 700mm TGF5070HB-SG TGF5070HB-DG
500 X 800mm TGF5080HB-SG TGF5080HB-DG
500 X 900mm TGF5090HB-SG TGF5090HB-DG
500 X 1000mm TGF50100HB-SG TGF50100HB-DG
500 X 1100mm TGF50110HB-SG TGF50110HB-DG
500 X 1200mm TGF50120HB-SG TGF50120HB-DG
500 X 1500mm TGF50150HB-SG TGF50150HB-DG
500 X 2000mm TGF50200HB-SG TGF50200HB-DG
500 X 2500mm TGF50250HB-SG TGF50250HB-DG
500 X 3000mm TGF50300HB-SG TGF50300HB-DG
500 X 3500mm TGF50350HB-SG TGF50350HB-DG
500 X 4000mm TGF50400HB-SG TGF50400HB-DG
500 X 4500mm TGF50450HB-SG TGF50450HB-DG
500 X 5000mm TGF50500HB-SG TGF50500HB-DG
600 X 700mm TGF6070HB-SG TGF6070HB-DG
600 X 800mm TGF6080HB-SG TGF6080HB-DG
600 X 900mm TGF6090HB-SG TGF6090HB-DG
600 X 1000mm TGF60100HB-SG TGF60100HB-DG
600 X 1100mm TGF60110HB-SG TGF60110HB-DG
600 X 1200mm TGF60120HB-SG TGF60120HB-DG
600 X 1500mm TGF60150HB-SG TGF60150HB-DG
600 X 2000mm TGF60200HB-SG TGF60200HB-DG
600 X 2500mm TGF60250HB-SG TGF60250HB-DG
600 X 3000mm TGF60300HB-SG TGF60300HB-DG
600 X 3500mm TGF60350HB-SG TGF60350HB-DG
600 X 4000mm TGF60400HB-SG TGF60400HB-DG
600 X 4500mm TGF60450HB-SG TGF60450HB-DG
600 X 5000mm TGF60500HB-SG TGF60500HB-DG
700 X 800mm TGF7080HB-SG TGF7080HB-DG
700 X 900mm TGF7090HB-SG TGF7090HB-DG
700 X 1000mm TGF70100HB-SG TGF70100HB-DG
700 X 1100mm TGF70110HB-SG TGF70110HB-DG
700 X 1200mm TGF70120HB-SG TGF70120HB-DG
700 X 1500mm TGF70150HB-SG TGF70150HB-DG
700 X 2000mm TGF70200HB-SG TGF70200HB-DG
700 X 2500mm TGF70250HB-SG TGF70250HB-DG
700 X 3000mm TGF70300HB-SG TGF70300HB-DG
700 X 3500mm TGF70350HB-SG TGF70350HB-DG
700 X 4000mm TGF70400HB-SG TGF70400HB-DG
700 X 4500mm TGF70450HB-SG TGF70450HB-DG
700 X 5000mm TGF70500HB-SG TGF70500HB-DG
800 X 900mm TGF8090HB-SG TGF8090HB-DG
800 X 1000mm TGF80100HB-SG TGF80100HB-DG
800 X 1100mm TGF80110HB-SG TGF80110HB-DG
800 X 1200mm TGF80120HB-SG TGF80120HB-DG
800 X 1500mm TGF80150HB-SG TGF80150HB-DG
800 X 2000mm TGF80200HB-SG TGF80200HB-DG
800 X 2500mm TGF80250HB-SG TGF80250HB-DG
800 X 3000mm TGF80300HB-SG TGF80300HB-DG
800 X 3500mm TGF80350HB-SG TGF80350HB-DG
800 X 4000mm TGF80400HB-SG TGF80400HB-DG
800 X 4500mm TGF80450HB-SG TGF80450HB-DG
800 X 5000mm TGF80500HB-SG TGF80500HB-DG
900 X 1000mm TGF90100HB-SG TGF90100HB-DG
900 X 1100mm TGF90110HB-SG TGF90110HB-DG
900 X 1200mm TGF90120HB-SG TGF90120HB-DG
900 X 1500mm TGF90150HB-SG TGF90150HB-DG
900 X 2000mm TGF90200HB-SG TGF90200HB-DG
900 X 2500mm TGF90250HB-SG TGF90250HB-DG
900 X 3000mm TGF90300HB-SG TGF90300HB-DG
900 X 3500mm TGF90350HB-SG TGF90350HB-DG
900 X 4000mm TGF90400HB-SG TGF90400HB-DG
900 X 4500mm TGF90450HB-SG TGF90450HB-DG
900 X 5000mm TGF90500HB-SG TGF90500HB-DG
1000 X 1500mm TGF100150HB-SG TGF100150HB-DG
1000 X 2000mm TGF100200HB-SG TGF100200HB-DG
1000 X 2500mm TGF100250HB-SG TGF100250HB-DG
1000 X 3000mm TGF100300HB-SG TGF100300HB-DG
1000 X 3500mm TGF100350HB-SG TGF100350HB-DG
1000 X 4000mm TGF100400HB-SG TGF100400HB-DG
1000 X 4500mm TGF100450HB-SG TGF100450HB-DG
1000 X 5000mm TGF100500HB-SG TGF100500HB-DG
1500 X 2000mm TGF150200HB-SG TGF150200HB-DG
1500 X 2500mm TGF150250HB-SG TGF150250HB-DG
1500 X 3000mm TGF150300HB-SG TGF150300HB-DG
1500 X 3500mm TGF150350HB-SG TGF150350HB-DG
1500 X 4000mm TGF150400HB-SG TGF150400HB-DG
1500 X 4500mm TGF150450HB-SG TGF150450HB-DG
1500 X 5000mm TGF150500HB-SG TGF150500HB-DG
2000 X 2500mm TGF200250HB-SG TGF200250HB-DG
2000 X 3000mm TGF200300HB-SG TGF200300HB-DG
2000 X 3500mm TGF200350HB-SG TGF200350HB-DG
2000 X 4000mm TGF200400HB-SG TGF200400HB-DG
2000 X 4500mm TGF200450HB-SG TGF200450HB-DG
2000 X 5000mm TGF200500HB-SG TGF200500HB-DG
2500 X 3000mm TGF250300HB-SG TGF250300HB-DG
2500 X 3500mm TGF250350HB-SG TGF250350HB-DG
2500 X 4000mm TGF250400HB-SG TGF250400HB-DG
2500 X 4500mm TGF250450HB-SG TGF250450HB-DG
2500 X 5000mm TGF250500HB-SG TGF250500HB-DG

Designed and Manufactured in Australia, the TGF Trafficable Glass Floor Skylight uses an extra thick Toughened Glass make up that is custom engineered to each application. Skyspan manufactures the TGF to an extensive range of common sizes and we can also manufacture to custom sizes. Non-Slip coating are recommended and these can be provided in a variety of patterns and colours.

• Designed and Manufactured in Australia
• Engineered to Australian Standards
• Extensive range of common sizes
• Custom sizes available
• Safe for foot traffic

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