Builders (Trade)

Builders (Trade)

At Skyspan we specialise in servicing trade customers. Skyspan offers special pricing and priority service to trade Customers. Skyspan can supply and install the full range of Natural Lighting products and Roof Access Hatches. Skyspan gives product advice as well as designs custom products to suit your project. Skyspan also offers advice on how to install our products into projects that are outside the normal situations.

What it is

A Trade Customer is a tradie who has filled out his contact information so that he can log onto the Skyspan Ecommerce website to access trade prices which are lower priced than the RRP. As a Trade Customer, we will store your information such as delivery addresses saving you time when re-ordering products. A Trade customer can log onto their customer profile to view and print off all previous quotes, invoices and purchase history. A Trade Customer account is not a credit account.


  1. Better Price
    Buy direct from the manufacturer to save.
  2. Faster and easier to quote and order
    Once your Trade Customer application has been approved we will remember your information saving time re-entering your information. Quote any time from anywhere you have internet connection.
  3. Store quotes for future use
    When you get a quote, we will save it to convert into an order in the future if your job goes ahead saving you from re-entering the information.
  4. View and print all history information
    A Trade customer can view and print off all previous invoices or review previous purchase and quote history.
  5. Better Customer Service
    As a Skyspan Trade Customer you will have access to faster response times and priority dispatch times.