Barrel Vaults

barrel vaultbarrel vaultbarrel vault

Barrel Vaults

Skyspan Barrel Vault is the versatile and creative design element for architectural atmosphere and mood. Natural interior light has freshness and vitality. With Skyspan Barrel Vaults the outdoors comes alive … indoors. As the perfect enhancement to the streetscape, entrance or roofing structure, Skyspan products allows unique design flexibility. The application of shape, form and colour is limited only by imagination. SkySpan bringing your innovation creation to reality.With Skyspan, architectural concepts become practical realities posing no restrictions, using the latest manufacturing facilities. To create the ultimate architectural statement in the widest range of structures, Skyspan offers complete design freedom backed by a comprehensive design service. The scope of Skyspan Barrel Vaults is limited only by a designer’s imagination.

Across the widest range of applications, a specification of Skyspan Barrel Vaults will ensure structural and architectural enhancement with a unique combination of natural light and weather protection integrity.

By perfecting the use of a wide range of glazings, together with the special development of structural support and glazing fixings. Skyspan Barrel Vaults have become the complete system for structural glazing projects, both large and small.

The modular nature of Skyspan Barrel Vults with its proven system of glazing bars and simple structural support ensures that Skyspan Barrel Vaults meet uncompromising standards in weather proofing and structural integrity.

Skyspan Barrel Vaults can be glazed in a range of acrylic or polycarbonate tinted sheet materials. Opal, clear, bronze and grey solar tints provide the main range of hues. The use of fabric sails enhances the aesthetics and provides regular shading.

Skyspan’s in-house thermoforming, metal fabrication, powdercoating and assembly facilities provide qualitative and intrinsic architectural construction.

The modular nature of Skyspan Barrel Vaults allows the overall structural geometry to be mirrored in the selected Barrel Vault design to achieve ultimate sensitivity and empathy in the use of all design elements.

That’s why Skyspan Barrel Vaults are the products for the architect wanting a statement in ambience and form.

It’s also why Skyspan Barrel Vaults are the trend in tectonics – art and science in architecture.

Discover the light.