6 Natural Ways To Improve Employee Productivity

6 Natural Ways To Improve Employee Productivity

One of the most important factors for business success is having productive employees. However, sometimes factors such as stress can make employees too sluggish to perform their best.

The key to motivating your employees to perform well is to boost their morale and increase satisfaction in the workplace. Putting them in a better mood to work will help them get the job done. This can be done effectively and naturally using the following tips.

Bring in the outdoors.

Office interiors can sometimes be boring and uninspiring for your employees to look at especially if everything is all white and grey. Boost their creativity and productivity by bringing in some of the outdoors inside. Office plants not only provide some colour to the office but also helps reduce fatigue and sickness, making your employees healthier and more alert.

Use the right colours.

Colours can affect your employees’ emotions which then affects their output. A study released by the University of Texas states that white doesn’t help people be productive. In fact, having stark white walls can affect employee productivity negatively.

Know how certain colours affect people so that you can use it more effectively in the workplace. For instance, the calming colour blue promotes communication, trust and efficiency while green inspires innovation.

Take a caffeine and a nap break.

It is necessary for all employees to take breaks. Some may choose to have coffee or take a nap. However, a study from Hiroshima University suggests both. The study results conclude that the combination of caffeine and a short nap was the most effective for sleepiness and productivity with effects lasting up to one hour after napping.


Sitting all day can result not just to fatigue but also to boredom and apathy. The key is to promote movement by encouraging your employees to walk around and get some much needed exercise. Placing toilets, pantries and other common areas away from their workspaces will force them to walk. Doing so will allow them to recharge their minds and bodies, making them more ready for work.

Freshen up the air.

Air is something most people take for granted. What businesses and other commercial establishments fail to realize is that the air quality of their indoor environment can profoundly affect the health and comfort of their employees.

A study conducted in Denmark found that poor indoor air quality can decrease productivity and cause dissatisfaction. Providing proper ventilationto eliminate air pollution and ensuring proper levels of air temperature and movement inside the workplace is crucial.

Let the natural light in.

According to an American Academy of Sleep Medicine study, employees whose workplace has windows receive 173% more white light exposure during work hours and slept at an average of 46 minutes more per night. They also have more physical activity and received higher scores on quality of life measures. Employees in windowless offices tend to experience more sleep disturbances and daytime dysfunction.

One way to create brighter workspaces is to install roof windows and skylights that allow for natural light to come in.Commercial skylights and roof windows are not only easy to install but are also economical and cost effective ways of providing natural light and ventilation to any room.

Boosting employee morale and productivity can be done effectively and naturally. If you’re looking to let more natural light in, Skyspan has an extensive range of commercial skylights and roof windows that will suit your office or commercial establishment.

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