Large Fixed Glass Skylight in Bronte NSW

Large Fixed Glass Skylight 1
Large Fixed Glass Skylight 2
Large Fixed Glass Skylight 3

Product Details: Fixed Glass Skylight 1015 x 1985mm with Double Glazed Energy Glass

Client Background: Tycen Constructions had a client in Bronte NSW that was renovating their house.

Project Notes: The client was renovating their house and needed a large Glass skylight over the stairwell. The client wanted the Skylight to match the sizing of the stairwell so the Skylight had to be made to size as no standard products met the size of the stairwell.

Client Comments: Hori from Tycen said that Skylight gives the desired finish of the Stairwell continuing directly to the Skylight and it was only possible by using a Skylight that was made to the stairwell size.