7 Reasons to Use Skyspan Flashings for Velux® Skylights

7 Reasons to Use Skyspan Flashings for Velux® Skylights

Skyspan offers one of the largest selections of flashings and pitch adaptors in the world. This complete product range improves application flexibility and performs well with Velux® skylights. Read more to find out why you should be using Skyspan flashings for your Velux ® skylights.

1. Compatible with All Australian Roof Profiles

In Australia, a wide variety of different roof profiles makes the use of Velux® skylights difficult. Tile, corrugated, metal deck, and concrete hobs roof profiles are quite common in Australia. Velux® does not offer compatible flashings for all of these common roof types including metal deck roofs. Skyspan fills the gap with flashings for all of these roof profiles.

2. Complete Colorbond® Colour Match

All Skyspan flashings can be powder-coated to match the complete range of Colorbond® colours. From the new contemporary colour, Wallaby®, to the timeless classic Cottage Green®, Skyspan flashing products complement all 22 Colorbond® roof colours.

3. Works with All Roof Pitches

Although most Velux® skylights require a minimum roof pitch of 15 degrees, Skyspan pitch adapter flashings prevent leakage at any roof pitch. They work by adjusting the pitch of the Velux® skylights to raise them above the minimum 15 degree pitch level. Although Velux® fixed curb-mount skylights can perform at a roof pitch below 15 degrees, the flashing on these skylights is not included. Skyspan meets your needs with flashings for Velux® FCM skylights. Our close-fitting, weatherproof design ensures the best leak protection possible.

4. Skyspan Flashings are Non-Combustible

The materials on the exterior face of all Skyspan flashings, including those manufactured for Velux® skylights, are completely non-combustible.

5. Quality Materials and Roof Compatibility

The standard material for all Skyspan flashings is ZINCALUME® steel. This coated sheet steel boasts up to four times the corrosion resistance of standard galvanized steel. ZINCALUME® has become the construction material of choice for many contractors around the world due to its durability, corrosion resistance, and edge protection.

Whereas ZINCALUME® represents an excellent material choice, Skyspan flashings are also available in many other materials including aluminium, copper, stainless steel, galvanized steel and more. If you need a certain material to match your roof, Skyspan has you covered.

6. Fast and Easy Installation/Maintenance

Unlike some other flashings, all Skyspan flashings ship in one piece. This minimises assembly time and reduces installation errors. To ensure easy installation, Skyspan flashings are also designed with consideration for all types of Australian roofs.

Skyspan uses materials that keep maintenance as low as possible. Normally, Skyspan flashings stay clean with some help from the elements, however, if they ever need a cleaning, some simple soap and water will do the job!

7. Simply a Better Look

Other flashings for Velux® skylights can hinder the overall appearance of your building, but Skyspan flashings are made to the highest standard so that they always look great on Australian roofs. Skyspan’s wide selection of materials and colour finishes ensure the perfect match on your roof.

Skyspan supplies pitch adaptor and other flashings for Velux® skylights all over Australia. Contractors depend on our excellent service, one piece design, and unmatched quality. Homeowners love our enormous selection of materials, colours and other options.

Skyspan takes pride in providing the best possible flashing products and the most options to our customers. When it comes to flashing your Velux® skylights, choose the best: Skyspan flashings!