5 Ways to Cut Down on Your Electricity Consumption

5 Ways to Cut Down on Your Electricity Consumption

With the growing desire to have a more sustainable life and the continually increasing costs of electricity every year, many homeowners in Australia are now paying close attention to their home’s energy efficiency. Even the smallest improvement can sometimes make a big difference on the environment and on your next bill. Whether you are looking to trim up your finances or just want to limit your environmental impact, there are many different ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

1 – Going Solar

It may seem obvious that going solar would be the most effective way to cut down on your electricity costs. However, solar panels are very expensive and take a long time to pay for themselves through saved electricity. Depending on your average electricity usage, your home’s sun exposure and the electric costs in your area, solar panels may be a good long-term option. Just know that you will need a significant initial investment to go solar!

2 – Installing Home Skylights

Home skylights offer one of the best ways to lower your electricity costs. For most homeowners, the use of artificial lighting during the daytime is not really necessary. Home skylights provide a great alternative and help you decrease your energy usage. The natural light added by a skylight installation will keep your home bright and beautiful, and some home skylights protect against unwanted solar heat.

When using the right suppliers, skylight installation is actually very simple. Skyspan’s flexible shaft kit is extremely easy to install and provides an abundance of natural light in any room. Skyspan offers many other cost-effective skylight options to help you cut down on your electricity costs.

3 – Using Tubelights

Much like home skylights, tubelights also allow you to bring natural light into your home and lower your electricity usage. Skyspan’s extensive range of tubelights offers a variety of different options including easy installation and light diffusers.

4 – Switching to LED

Although home skylights and tubelights serve as great options for lighting your home during the day, you will always need a night time lighting option. By switching to an LED lighting system, you can cut your night time lighting energy usage significantly. The LED lights simply require less electricity than the standard incandescent and fluorescent lighting systems. While switching to LED lights might not have the overall impact that a complete skylights installation or solar panel addition would, it does represent one of the lowest cost options.

5 – Unplug

In today’s modern, technology-driven world, the idea of unplugging might seem scary. However, it can be a great way to save some electricity without spending any money at all. You can start by simply unplugging your electronics and other gadgets when they are turned off. Then just limit your electronic usage by a few minutes every day. This strategy will save some electricity, but it may pay even bigger dividends when it comes to your lifestyle.

There are many other ways to lower the electricity costs in your home. However, it is important to understand that most big energy savers come with some initial investment. Do your research and make sure you are choosing the right option for your home!

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