5 Benefits of Natural Light

5 Benefits of Natural Light

Light can directly affect one’s mood. Its presence or absence (in the form of darkness) can have an impact on one’s home. It is an essential part of what constitutes a safe, healthy environment in living spaces or homes. When it comes to home lighting, skylights or tubelights are recommended because these utilise natural light.

The benefits of natural light in homes are not only in terms of aesthetics. Exposure to natural light, especially if the harmful UV rays are filtered out like what a skylight does, has numerous benefits and these are backed up by science. Here are four benefits of natural light:

  1. Using natural light is economical for the household and the environment.

It reduces energy consumption, which in turn helps you save money. Aside from this economical perk, it also lessens the environmental impact of burning fuel oils, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Using natural light prevents sleep disorders.

One’s internal body clock is balanced by the circadian rhythm which is directly affected by the exposure to natural light. When you are exposed to natural light, your internal body clock signals the body to stir or awaken and releases hormones to keep your body active and moving. This process is designed to encourage activity or work when it is necessary which also helps to prevent sleep disorders. The internal body clock isn’t as affected or stimulated with exposure to artificial light, no matter how bright.

  1. Using natural light provides your body Vitamin D.

A study shows that approximately 1 billion people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D helps strengthen bones and teeth and helps fortify one’s immunity to diseases.

Children also grow faster because of exposure to natural light. Exposure to natural light stimulates Vitamin D production in the skin, which then positively affects so many internal body mechanisms.

  1. Using natural light can help prevent depression.

Researchers found a link between a decrease in Vitamin D levels and an increased risk of having depression. This is why most people suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during winter months – there is limited exposure to natural light. Using skylights or tubelights at home will be a natural solution to meet one’s daily exposure needs to natural light, even during winter.

  1. Using natural light can improve learning.

Natural light also has a direct effect in a student’s capacity for learning and perception. Students learn better and can think clearer in a well-lighted environment. An adequate amount of natural light is conducive to a healthy room for both adults and children.

One cannot argue the clear benefits natural lighting can give to your home and the people living in it. Skylights provide you with an economical and healthy way to use natural light inside your home so that you save money, protect your health, reduce your carbon footprint, and make your home a brighter, more beautiful house to live in.

Any area in your home can be brighter with an energy-efficient alternative. Use home skylights to transform your spaces into bright, welcoming atmosphere people will love coming into.

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