4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Home’s Atmosphere

4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Home’s Atmosphere

The very basic foundation of having a healthy and livable home is ensuring the atmosphere at home evokes peace, joy, and happiness. This doesn’t need expensive furniture or an overhaul – you just need to make sure the atmosphere at home resembles the most natural and cleanest state you can give it. This just needs four natural elements: air, earth, water, and light.

Here are four simple ways to improve your home’s atmosphere:

1. Let some air in.

Have a breathable home. You can do this by ensuring that everything in your home has its own space and each space has its purpose. Declutter often. Have no room for anything that doesn’t give purpose or bring you joy.

Open your windows to let natural air in once in a while, especially if you are used to having air-conditioning on all day. It helps air circulate and encourages the exchange of gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide) to prevent “stuffiness” in rooms in your house.

Circulating air is a great way to improve your home’s atmosphere. You don’t have to have a big home with big windows to ensure you have circulating air – sometimes it’s as simple as opening your windows to bring fresh air in. If you have roof windows, then open that as well! These will let in air that is a bit cleaner than what you get from ground level.

2. Bring some greens in.

Indoor plants don’t only look pleasing to the eye and improve the overall aesthetics in your home, they also help purify the atmosphere. Plants take in the carbon dioxide we expel in our bodies and convert it into oxygen, the clean air we breathe!

Greens also are great for calming the busy mind, the stressful eyes, and overwhelmed body of a tired family member. Keep them by family rooms and workstations.

It’s also a good thing to “go green”: Use natural household cleaning materials to reduce toxic chemical exposure in your home.

3. Have the presence of water (or the idea of it).

You might have read this in several home improvement articles: the presence of flowing water at home is a sign of luck and prosperity and also helps create a relaxing and peaceful ambiance – just like in most spas.

We aren’t saying you should include a waterfall concept in your next home improvement project. Oftentimes, the idea that there is a presence of water at home can be very calming already. You can integrate the colors of the sea in one corner of your home (or have that as a color theme for the bathroom). Have miniature waterfalls as decorative elements or simply play sounds of flowing or trickling water. There are numerous possibilities!

4. Use natural light.

Of all the tips we have mentioned, the element of natural light is the most important. Don’t you notice how bright and spacious a room automatically looks when the sun hits the windows during the mornings? How calm and peaceful and promising mornings are when sunlight peeks through various locations at your home?

People are naturally drawn to light, it is internal to us like our body clocks. It has many benefits too. Bringing natural light into the home can be complicated when it is not incorporated during house construction, as windows should be strategically placed to let natural light flood specific key locations in the house to maximize exposure. However, it is easier to remedy this today with skylights.

Home skylights or tubelights are easy to install and economical too. You don’t need to alter major structures at home, especially with your roofing as its structure makes it easier to install along any part of the house.

circular skylight

With skylights, you will no longer be dependent on your windows or your lighting fixtures to bring you light and contribute to your home’s atmosphere. You do not only lift up your spirits, improve your well-being and save money from electric bills, you are also doing your share in reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment.

Overall, using natural elements – air, earth, water and light – are simple and cost-effective ways to improve your home’s atmosphere. Follow the tips we listed above and watch your house become a home your family members want to come home to and stay.

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