10 Benefits of Opening & Ventilated Skylights

10 Benefits of Opening & Ventilated Skylights

Skylight ventilation provides many advantages to your living space such as improving your daily comfort levels and enhancing the privacy of the structure. So when you want to improve the area that you work or live in, it’s worth thinking about installing opening or ventilated skylights.

There are a ton of benefits of ventilating the room with skylights. Opening and ventilated skylights are easy to install, and taking the time to crack open the skylight as part of your daily routine is really simple. Here we look at the positive impact this seemingly small adjustment can have on your home or office, so you can make an informed decision about whether this style of ventilation is right for you.

Before starting, it’s important to note that ‘opening skylights’ are mechanical, and able to be opened and closed, whereas ‘ventilated skylights’ are passive – they are fixed in a ventilated position. Both are great for ventilating your space, and the following considerations apply to both! There are also 5 types of Skylight Ventilation.

1: Affordability.

When looking into the different options for skylights for ventilation, you’ll find that there will be a broad range of prices to choose from. It will really depend on your particular vision for the project as to how much you’ll spend. However, it’s important to note that skylights are an affordable home improvement that will also save you money on your energy bill.

2: A wide variety of styles.

While ventilated and opening skylights have a certain look about them, when you dig into the different sizes and styles, you’ll be impressed by your options. The size and shape of homes and offices will differ, as well as the expectations of the owner when it comes to skylight placement and style.

Take the time to speak with a professional about your options. You can ask to look at portfolios of completed projects, as well as pay attention to houses and businesses in your area that have skylights. Focus on the designs they have in place and make notes of what you like and what you don’t. The more skylights you preview, the more confident you’ll be when making the decision on the style you prefer.

3: More control of your temperatures.

Unlike fixed skylights, opening skylights give you the ability to release the hot air that gets trapped inside in the summer. Ventilating your room with an opening skylight allows the cooler air to be drawn indoors and circulate, while warmer air rises and escapes. Once you have an understanding of how this works, you’ll learn how to utilize the features, and you’ll have more control of the temperatures.

Knowing the prime times to open and close the vent will prevent you from having to adjust your thermostat, thus saving wear and tear on the heating and cooling unit you have.

4: The beauty of natural light.

When you allow natural light into your home or office, you expand the rooms and brighten up your space. This beauty can improve your mood and give your home a touch of elegance and modern charm. The aesthetics that surround your space, such as opening skylights. On a cool summer morning, can help create an ambiance that’s comfortable and welcoming.

Natural light can also give you advantages in your daily routine. For example, if you have skylights ventilating your bathroom, you’ll be able to see your appearance more clearly before heading out the door for a big presentation.

5: Durability.

Skylights are a durable and secure option to let in the natural light. When you pair the strength and integrity of the materials used for skylights with a professional installation, then you’ll be adding value to your structure whether it’s your first house or an office building.

The options available will have a different grade of durability depending on your particular needs. Buying from a reputable dealer ensures the skylight you choose will be reliable in terms of performance and longevity.

6: An eco-friendly lighting solution.

Using natural light is more than just beautiful. It’s also an environmentally friendly way to light your space and save energy. Some people will think that if you’re getting an eco-friendly product, you won’t have the quality that will protect your home. However, there are have been many innovations and improvements made for skylight ventilation.

VS Manual Opening

Some tints and designs can protect your interior items from fading due to direct sunlight. Plus, you have smart accessories that can give you more control without a big price tag, such as adjustable blinds.

7: More privacy and sunlight.

Depending on how close you are to your neighbors, you may not be inclined to open your windows during certain times of the day. Especially in rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms where privacy is essential. However, with skylights vented above you, you won’t have to worry about yourself being exposed, and you’ll get to enjoy the sunlight.

While it can be easy to neglect rooms like your bathroom, don’t underestimate the ambiance that sunlight can bring to an area. It can uniquely accent small rooms and hallways that may not be able to have traditional windows and access to the sun.

8: Rooms open up.

If you have a small space, or you want to open up those big spaces even more, then an opening or ventilated skylight will be an excellent solution. It can improve the look of your space and allow it to breathe. The more open and aired out the room is, the more comfortable it will be for those that are working, living, or just visiting it.

9: Air quality is improved.

Because you’ll get to enjoy better air circulation in your living space, you’ll appreciate freshness in your home. If you’ve ever been in a home that hasn’t been aired out in a long time, you might be familiar with the stale or musty smell that can build up. Skylights with ventilation help eliminate that odor by keeping the airflow circulating naturally.

10: Unexpected artistic elements.

As a final bonus, when you have skylights, you’ll have unexpected masterpieces throughout your home or office. Artistic shadows will cast themselves on the walls, and overcast days will accent different areas than when the sun is out, and the sky is clear. Cascading lights will touch and calm the surroundings of your home, and they will relax you and create a Zen-like feel.

Whether you choose ventilated skylights (fixed, or ‘passive’ operation) or opening skylights (mechanical operation) is a matter of personal choice and routine, but both will bring a wide variety of benefits to your space, as we have seen above.